WebDriver Sample Code Explained

A simple WebDriver code explained below, helpful for absolute beginners.

Line 13: We create a new WebDriver object using Firefox as a browser. – Here we can use any of the WebDriver Implementation as mentioned above. Line 17: The get method in WebDriver is the equivalent of Selenium.open() in Selenium 1.0 Line 21: We … Read more

Transformation from Manual tester to a Selenium WebDriver Automation specialist !!!

A Small guide for a tester transformation into a WebDriver scripter  This table will be very useful for a selenium beginner who is trying out selenium WebDriver WebDriver Commands Category   Tasks Human Interaction (Manual Tester) WebDriver Commands Invoke Browser Tester manually opens the browser Firefox, IE, chrome or Safari [sourcecode language=”java”]WebDriver driver=new FirefoxDriver(); WebDriver … Read more

Selenium 2.0 – WebDriver – Introduction

WebDriver is a tool for automating web application testing, and in particular to verify that functionalities work as expected. It aims to provide a friendly API that’s easy to explore and understand, easier to use than the Selenium-RC (1.0) API, which will help to make your tests easier to read and maintain. Let us first … Read more

Java Essentials for a good Selenium Test automation developer ?

How Much Java you need to learn for a good Selenium Scripting ? As far as Selenium is concerned we have our SeleniumHQ Site with frequently updated documentation we can go through that to get the selenium concepts much strong also there are many blogs on selenium wherein you can get to learn from the … Read more

Selenium Project setup using Maven

Selenium Project Using Maven In the last post we saw How to setup the selenium WebDriver using Eclipse. Now here we will see How to setup the Selenium WebDriver using the Maven project. Maven is a Build tool for java just as Ant is. [http://maven.apache.org/what-is-maven.html]. Offcourse definitely you would ask what is a build tool … Read more

How To Setup a Selenium WebDriver Project in Eclipse ?

Creating a Simple Selenium – Java project in Eclipse This post will help the selenium users-Beginners to setup the selenium project and execute a simple WebDriver script Refer to my latest blog post on setting up Firefox in Selenium 3.0 Steps To Create a Selenium Project in Eclipse Step 1: Download Eclipse Step 2: Creating … Read more