Thucydides – The ATDD way


In this article I introduce Thucydides, an open source ATDD framework built on top of Selenium 2.

Introducing Thucydides

Thucydides (Thoo-SID-a-dees) is a tool designed to make writing automated acceptance and regression tests easier. It provides features that make it easier to organize and structure your acceptance tests, associating them with the user stories or features that they test. As the tests are executed, Thucydides generates illustrated documentation describing how the application is used based on the stories described by the tests.

Thucydides provides extensions and utilities that improve web testing and development on Selenium 2 in three ways:

    Organizing web tests into reusable steps, and mapping them back to their original requirements and user stories.

    Generating reports and documentation about acceptance tests. Each report contains a narrative description of a given test, including a short comment and screenshot for each step. Reports serve as living documentation, illustrating how an application implements the specified requirements.

    Providing high-level summaries and aggregations in each report. These give an overview of how many stories and requirements have been tested by automated acceptance tests, which in turn lets developers gauge the relative complexity of each story.

Thucydides is developed by John Ferguson Smart. A well known person in the Java community.

A detailed Slides about Thucydides,
[slideshare id=9724999&doc=introduction-to-thucydides-111016214345-phpapp01]

Links :

GitHub link of the Thucydides project:
Documentation link:
Thucydides User’s Group:!forum/thucydides-users

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