Embrace The Native Async Nature Of JavaScript In WebDriverJS

I have been involved with the Selenium open source community since 2010 and started helping out with organizing conference since 2014 and in 2017, I have been given the commit bit for the Selenium repository in the GitHub. Apparently, this was my first International conference being a speaker, usually, I just run a hands-on workshop … Read moreEmbrace The Native Async Nature Of JavaScript In WebDriverJS

Promise Manager in WebDriverJs

This post is going to be in-line with, what I have planned to speak in the flagship Selenium conference in Austin, Texas in April Difference between NodeJs webdriver Bindings with other Language Bindings. Asynchronous WebDriver’s JavaScript API is entirely asynchronous and every command results in a promise. How do we solve Asynchronous ? Callbacks ? … Read morePromise Manager in WebDriverJs

Setting up Selenium GRID using Docker

Docker Docker is a containerzation platform, it can be defined, as simple as BUILD, SHIP and RUN. A container is a light-weight or a scaled down Virtual machine. This is what we are seeing elsewhere in the web. Let us deep dive a bit and compare the differences. Analogy : Container Vs Virtual Machine Source: … Read moreSetting up Selenium GRID using Docker

FirefoxDriver in Selenium 3

Selenium 3 is released and there is a lot of changes that are implemented, and one such major change is the firefox browser implementation using GeckoDriver. Let’s see How to use FirefoxDriver in Selenium 3 FirefoxDriver was the only driver that was simple to use without any executable configuration setup like chrome or ie. Now, … Read moreFirefoxDriver in Selenium 3

Highlight Elements during your Protractor test run

Very long back I wrote an article on how to highlight elements during Webdriver run here Let’s see how to do it with JavaScript in Protractor test. In my test framework, I have a helper class for the commonly used API calls like click, sendKeys wrapped with custom names like clickWhenClickable and typeKeys respectively, in … Read moreHighlight Elements during your Protractor test run

E2E testing with Protractor & Cucumber Js

Cucumber Java post can be found here. Guest post by Ram Pasala Cucumber framework is meant for BDD acceptance testing which are basically scenario validations of an application which helps programmers to test and what not to test in plain understandable language(Gherkin).

Now let us see how the above scenario could be converted into … Read moreE2E testing with Protractor & Cucumber Js

DRY’ing up setup and teardown of your Protractor Jasmine Spec

Pattern for Creating General Pre- and Post-Processing Methods in Protractor Please refer to the official documentation of Jasmine here Guest Post by Jeff Gosnell Problem: A question was recently asked on the Gitter Protractor site wondering what is the best way to reduce code copy-paste when needing to do the same beforeEach, beforeAll, afterEach, and/or … Read moreDRY’ing up setup and teardown of your Protractor Jasmine Spec

Automation on AngularJs apps using Protractor

Hey folks! we are going to see about Protractor for AngularJS apps, I will try to keep it simple but also informative to get started with Protractor right away. Using Protractor for past 1 year, and had a good experience working in Js World. This blog post will have 3 different sections, What is Angular … Read moreAutomation on AngularJs apps using Protractor

Selenium WebDriver for AngularJs apps

I have been recently using Protractor for about 6 months now and while evaluating tools for AngularJs apps, I haven’t found anything good in Java (Since we have already good framework setup using Java Bindings) expect for Paul Hammant’s idea of having AngularJs specific locator as a library in Java started back in 2013 and … Read moreSelenium WebDriver for AngularJs apps