What’s new in Selenium 4?

The moment of my life is what I can describe being in Stage with Simon doing my first ever Keynote.


Let’s dive to see what we announced as a part of new Selenium 4.


Firstly, Spec Adoption:

  • The Mozilla folks now mostly work in the geckodriver and Firefox.
  • Edge and Safari are both releasing W3C versions. Google are lined up too.
  • The Appium folks are supporting the new protocol (so not in Selenium tree)
  • WinAppDriver by MS allows desktop apps to be automated.
  • The language bindings are relatively stable, so not so many commits there.

WebDriver Spec Level 2:

  • Quite a few things to be added
    • Logging
    • Scroll Into View
    • Pause Actions
    • Piggy-backing on debugging protocols(Puppeteer)

Friendly Locators

  • Sahi – the best example and shown path to writing tests with locating elements in a better user-friendly way like Above the button, right to button etc.
  • Soon to be implemented in Selenium

Improved Selenium Grid

  • Standalone Grid for ‘one’
  • A Better UI showing the Grid dashboard with statuses showing running nodes etc..

Better Observability

  • Structured logging to a file and stdout
  • Support for (probably) Open Tracing
  • Metrics


  • A new website is getting ready – powered by Hugo.
  • Documentation will be under Hugo soon.

Selenium IDE

  • Old Selenium IDE reached End of Life August last year when FF 55 was released. Firefox is switching extensions from the original “XPI” format, to a newer, more widely adopted “Web Extension” mechanism
  • Applitools were kind to support and took over the project in goodwill to contribute back to the project.
  • code export
  • Electron

and much more… stay tuned….

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