I love to be a part of Technical conferences – the knowledge that we get in these conferences is uncomparable to any other platforms, you get a chance to meet and network with like-minded people and the good thing is you get recognized for all the good work that you do in the OSS world.

Jotting down the list of talks that I deliver, on this page:



★ Selenium Committer day – Tokyo. – 🇯🇵
(Selenium Japan meetup group.
Delegated and sponsored by Selenium Project)

Title: Automated testing in the age of Container clusters
Slides: here


★ Container Camp – Sydney 🇦🇺

Title: Building Test-Automation Infrastructure via Containers
Slides: here (lightning talk)

★ Quality Software Australia – Melbourne. – 🇦🇺

Title: Automated Accessibility Testing
Slides: iCloud-Keynote && SlideShare


Selenium Conference – Austin, Texas. – 🇺🇸

Title: Embrace The Native Async Nature Of JavaScript In WebDriverJS
Slides: here
Talk Video: here


Google Developers Group – Chennai. –  🇮🇳

Title: Automated Testing with Google Chrome- ChromeDriver
Slides: here